How To Rebuild Your Energy

Let's just face it, everyday stress appears out of nowhere leaving us drained, fatigued, nervous, and depressed. It forces us to to recover quickly as trauma gets stuck in our nervous systems. This is especially true for an individual who is an empath or a highly sensitive person (HSP) to be deeply affected by these circumstances.

Unfortunately, many have modeled abrasive behavior as normal behavior. Violence has increased and the art of compassion is seen as a weakness. Here is a way to get unstuck from energy depletion- light resourcing. Resourcing with light helps us to rebuild ourselves, and to free our souls.

I practice this once a day and enjoy the clear, clean, warm, energy wash through me. The sun's wavefront and rays provide positive clean, clear energy that clears my mind and body. Try standing out in the sun light and look up at the sun rays (with sunglasses of course) for about 3-5 minutes a day. You will notice a shift within yourself as you rebuild and renew.

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